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St. Stephen's vision is to be a healthy, effective, equipping ministry that serves an excellent God in an excellent way, in the church and in the community for generations to come. In short: "Serving an Excellent God in an Excellent Way"


The mission of Saint Stephen is to equip God's people to grow spiritually, physically, financially and intellectually as they use their gifts for Christ-centered, practical ministry in today's world.

Our Core Values

  • Calling: Every Christian is gifted and called to serve Jesus.
  • Care: A ministry that helps broken people experience Jesus.
  • Changed Lives: Enable the Holy Spirit and deepen faith.
  • Character: Concentrate on who we are in Christ.
  • Christ Centered: We honor Christ in all we do.
  • Commitment: Passionately committed to our mission
  • Communication: We value direct and open communication.
  • Community: We accomplish our work through teams.
  • Competence: We strive for high quality ministry.
  • Conservation: We use time, talent and treasure efficiently.
  • Constituent: Success Equip those we train-for success
  • Continuation: We take the long view!

"Bring Ye all the tithes into the storehouse..."

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